Proud of our Environmental Achievements…

Once a landfill, Golf Île des Soeurs was transformed into a beautiful ecological sanctuary. With the goal of becoming one of the most ecologically responsible golf courses in the world, Golf IDS has already implemented various practices that support sustainable development:

  • Our carts are driven by solar energy

  • A variety of electric and hybrid maintenance equipment

  • An important recycling and composting program

  • A significant reduction in pesticide use

…but not resting on them.

The challenges of promoting and exploiting these environmental practices, such as the reduction of pesticides, are numerous. For example, the presence of weeds on the course becomes inevitable.


We are promoting the notion of playability rather than visual perfection, as we want to be respectful to the environment and the ecological sanctuary that we reside in. Weeds help us! They help maintain a varied ecosystem that invites beneficial insects that control harmful insects. Nature has rewarded us with a Monet painting.

We need your help!

Our golf is taking after the example of the famous Martha’s Vineyard Golf Course, which is considered to this day the most environmentally conscious golf course. In order to equal or surpass this status, we need your help. Be tolerant to weeds on the course; repair greens and tees if necessary; recycle your waste, throw garbage in trash cans and cigarette butts in the ashtrays. Any of these small actions on your part will add up and help us build the first completely ecological golf course in Québec.