A voyage through 9 Holes inspired by some of the most beautiful courses around the world!

Our ecological Golf Course, situated minutes from downtown Montréal, offers a magnificent 9 Holes of Golf, accessible at all times. In the comfort and tranquility of the country, golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the challenges presented by our innovative course.



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“Links Style”

The original links courses, which are mostly found in the U.K., were situated in the thin strip of sand, grass and dunes that lay between the sea and agricultural land. The courses “linked” them together. Links style courses will have undulating fairways, sand dunes, deep bunkers and few (if any) trees. Many of the most famous links courses are to be found in Scotland or Ireland, including St Andrews, Turnberry, Portmarnock and Ballybunion.

Source: http://www.golflink.com/list_427_what-different-types-golf-courses.html

“Heathland Style”

A phrase that describes a type of golf course most closely associated with Great Britain. Such courses can be thought of as a sort of middle ground between links courses and parkland courses. A heathland course, like parkland courses, is an inland golf course. But, like links, a heathland course is rife with heather and gorse. Like a links, the fairways of a heathland course might be hilly and knobby and hold unusual bounces even for perfectly struck drives. A heathland course probably has some trees, unlike links course; but not as many trees as a parkland course.

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