Golf in the winter or summer during bad weather? Come try out our Golf Simulators!

Come and discover our Indoor Golf Simulators only minutes away from downtown Montréal and adjacent to the golf course, thanks to Le Sélection Île des soeurs.

Now it is possible for you to improve your Golf Swing on Nuns’ Island even during these cold winter months or rainy summer days. Play on some of the world’s nicest courses with or without the aid of one of our Professionals. The simulators, PGA certified, are at the forefront of technology and are well maintained to give the optimal experience of realism and precision.

Get a head start on the season and come try out your future Golf Clubs, custom fitted by our staff.

Virtual Golf Pricing

Game Type



Week Day

60 min.



60 min.


Virtual Golf Packages




10 Hours

10 x 60 min.


20 Hours

20 x 60 min.


Prepaid Packages

30 Minute Private Lesson and 30 Minute Practice = $45.00* (value: $65.00*)

60 Minute Private Lesson and 60 Minute Practice = $70.00* (value: $110.00*)

3 x 30 Minutes of Private Lessons and 90 Minute Practice = $135.00* (value: $190.00*)

Ticket Booklets of 10 hours (10 x 60 min.) = $225.00*

Ticket Booklets of 20 hours (20 x 60 min.) = $400.00*

The tickets may be shared with friends and family or offered as a gift.


The simulators used for Golf Lessons and Virtual Golf are located at Le Sélection Île des soeurs (325, Chemin de la Pointe-Sud, Île des Soeurs, H3E 0B1), adjacent to the golf course.

For reservations, please call us at (514) 898-1855. It is necessary to have a reservation to use the simulators. Those who come without reservations will not be allowed to use the simulators.

For the Virtual Golf, a round of 18 holes lasts one hour. If four people are playing in a group, 4 hours will have to be reserved for the round of 18 holes. For rounds of 9 holes, reduce these times in half.


* Taxes are not included in prices.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.